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14th National Cadillac Allante XLR Clubs Show in Savannah, Georgia

October 18-22, 2017

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Wednesday, October 18th, we will leave New Jersey hopefully by 3:30 PM so by the time we hit Washington DC it should be around 7pm where we should drive by it without any stoppage.

Our first stop will be the Dunking Donuts at exit 2 before we enter the NJ turnpike by 3:45 pm. Then by 5 pm, we should be at the Maryland house where we will pick up a few more Allantés… Now for all of you that are meeting us, you need to calculate the time it will take you to get to the Maryland House. You need to get there before 5:30.  We need to be back on the road by 5:30 no later, if you’re late getting there, we will need to go no matter what. Time is not on our side. Then we will drive to exit 143B and stop for fuel and dinner. There is a WAWA there along with a lot of other places to eat. Again, we need to be back on the road by 8: pm.  The next stop will be the Sleep Inn & Suites, 270 N Equity Dr, Smithfield, NC 27577.(919)209-2360  It’s just before south of the border. It looks like we will get there by 11:30pm.  We got a room rate of 69.98 but must be booked before Oct 6th. If anyone interested, right across the street is JR’s cigar and cigarettes capitol of the world. They close up the rest of the store.

Thursday, we should leave the hotel by 9:30am, by 12:30 we should be at Craig’s Place. 9083 Old Number 6 Hwy, Santee SC 29142 Yelp has it as a really nice NY Deli. .
Phone number   (803) 854-4601

Back on the road by 1:45 and at the Host hotel Savannah Marriott Riverfront, 100 General McIntosh Blvd, Savannah, GA 31401 by 4PM. 800-285-0398

Once settled in, we will need to get ready for what it was told to me as one of the best dinners ever “The Fried Lobster Dinner” at the Old Pink house. Paula or I will be in the lobby to hand out booklets that will tell you what time and table you will be sitting at. The Times will be 6:00, 6:30, 7:00, and 7:30. Then after dinner at 9pm, To all the ones that signed up for the pub crawl we will all meet outside of the Pink House Thursday will be a great night, hope you can make it.

Friday, at 9am, we will do a hop on hop off bus tour.     It’s only a 90 minute tour if you stay on to see everything. But this what we should do… Stay on to see the whole tour. Then as they do the 2nd run, you can hop off anywhere you like and then later get back on. As for lunch, pick a place. There a ton of them, just don’t pick the Pirates House because that’s for dinner Friday night. On the registration, I said that the bus starts at 9am, but that don’t mean you do have to. To get on the bus anytime, you need to go to stop 9 located at the Pirates House, 2 blocks from the hotel.

Friday around 3-4pm, I will be in the lobby to try to finish giving out the rest of the goody bags.

Friday night, at 6pm, we will meet at the bar at the hotel where we will head to the Pirates House; we need to be there by 7 pm. we hear it’s another very good place but it’s haunted and speaking of being scared, after dinner we will take a Ghost tour ride through their city.  We will need to go to 301 E River St. about 2 blocks away. If you like to joins us, follow us and I’m sure you can get on another trolley.   The trolley only holds 34 people so the first 34 paid up will have a seat. Of course if we get more we can book another trolley. Same goes for the hop on Hop off, if you want a seat, you need to pay early.

Saturday, Allante Day / XLR Day … this is what it’s all about. These 2 cars made a lot of friendships over 24 Years. And we plan to keep it going… official judging start by 9:30 most of the cars will already be lined up already. I’m not sure how many of my Allante I will take down, but as always at CAC events, they will be null and voided for the competition. The judges and you will have plenty of time to pick your favorite ones. Remember, this year is the anniversary for the 1992, so if you have one, get there…Then by 12pm we will leave the hotel and caravan with our Allantés and XLR’s to visit Wormsloe Plantation.  It’s only a 16 minute drive but before we get there, we will stop for lunch At the Driftway Café   and across the street there is a great Jalapenos Mexican and a Sandfly Barbeque restaurant, because we don’t want you getting hungry while you’re visiting Wormsloe.

Saturday night, dinner will be served in one of the Marriott Hotels ballrooms by 6:30 PM sharp and awards will follow. There will be a cash bar on hand for your convenience, so drink up, you’re not driving… I’m really trying to provide you with some entertainment like I did at the last National meet. We brought you one of Philly’s top comedians. But because it’s too far, please don’t hold me to it. I’ll do my best…


Just a few notes….

The itinerary is as close as its going to be. As always, we get owners asking all kinds of questions. Here are some of them…

  1. Is parking free? Well yes and no. if you come in an Allante or a XLR it’s free. It may show as you book the room but will be off when you check out, if you drive anything else, it will be 19.00 a day. We will have a floor to our own with a wash station. There is a charge but it’s included in the registration. Please do not park non-Allantés or Xlr’s on the top floor.
  2. It’s too far. Yes it’s far but the vacation starts as soon as you start your car up. It’s a traveling trip; you plan things on the way up and back. There are a lot of things to see. I know one couple is going to Myrtle Beach on this same trip. We are underside if we’re going overnight Virginia Beach or Williamsburg on the way home.
  3. Is anyone trailing their cars? Not that I know. But some have done in the past events
  4. Is anyone coming without their cars? Yes 5, but if you’re interested in doing so and would rather fly down, let me know because others may like to do the same and I’m sure we can arrange something.
  5. I’m going but I would love to have an extra driver or at least company. Anyone interested?
  6. I would like to go but I don’t want to drive my Allante, too far. No problem, we have members in the opposite situation. Let me know and well put you together.
  7. I would love to come but I cannot take my Allante/XLR. It’s fine, I have been to ½ a dozen Allante shows without my car and I still love it. You get to see what other have done to their cars because you have a lot of time to focus because you’re not wiping down your car.
  8. How we going to get around, I don’t want to drive my Allanté. Were not. We will use Uber or lift or cabs, so don’t forget to download the necessary Apps. Years ago when I was there we walked all over. We’ll see if we still can.
  9. I don’t understand a special trophy for the 25th anniversary of the 1992. This year the 92 Allante turned 25 years old. So hence the special Trophy.
  10. I can’t make all 3 days. Its ok, you welcomed to make any part of this event.
  11. I am not a member of the . That is ok too; we understand there are a lot of clubs that take dues. Just make sure you join the one that you prosper from.
  12. It’s expensive to go to these events. Of course it is.Some think of it as a car show. It really not because if it was, you won’t see my wife there. But since this is more of a social gathering where you see old and new friends, my wife will be there ready to tour the city and eat up…
  13. Can I use my Marriott points? Yes you can, they told me if will go toward the room block so the contract will be honored.
  14. I would like to book a room at another hotel. Yes it’s your right to do so, but let me tell you first hand, it’s always better to stay at the host hotel because you don’t have to rush. And you will have to pay 19.00 to park every time you come in. It’s always nicer to stay where the action is.
  15. Hotel arrival in SC. If you’re starting your vacation with us from CT/NY/NJ, I tried to plan the best route possible. If we stick to this plan, it should work well. The only thing we will be getting to the hotel in SC by 12:am
  16. Some of the Restaurants are pricey.Yes they are, but most people love to go to nice places when there on vacation. And this is a mini vacation more than it is a car show. You may opt out and catch us later.
  17. Does anyone need anything done to their Allante? Let me know because my son Andrew may join us and he will need to know what parts and tools to bring. It also depends on how many respond
  18. And lastly, make sure your car is in tip top shape. Always drive your car around the neighborhood before any long trip. And if you need anything, call me even if you live far, this is the main reason of the club so I can help you and your mechanic keep your Allanté on the road for a long time.
  19. There are three things you need to do to join us at this event, go to the website and click on 1-hotel 2- Itinerary and 3- Please send in your registration.
  20. I will be sending out a email to all that registered. There are extra monies needed, I will let you know and if at all possible, I would love to take care of this before the event so I too can enjoy the show without worrying about this matter.


Thank you, and please keep in touch….. Johnny Monzo   609-634-6518   or


To book your rooms go to: